June 2015 – April 2016

The European Climate Foundation (ECF) aims to foster the transition to a low-carbon society in Europe.

RES Foundation is recognized as a valuable partner who can implement and undertake activities in line with ECF vision and strategy.

In order to inform the position of the EU, IMF, EBRD, Energy Community and selected national stakeholders on certain macroeconomic consequences of Serbian energy choices, RES Foundation performed research and communicated findings to the major institutions that may affect the future developments in Serbian energy sector.

Those developments may have consequences on GHG emissions from Serbia.  A detailed analysis of communication profiles of targeted audiences serve as the basis for corresponding communication strategies.

In 2015. RES has produced a report on the Climate Change Policy in Serbia, and has prepared an analysis of 2014 floods from the perspective of GHG emissions reduction. RES has also researched public policy and financing mechanisms behind the projects for the construction of new lignite plants.