March 2016 – December 2016

The overall objective of this project is to support low carbon resilient development in Serbia.  Within this project the RES foundation targeted and mobilized two groups of stakeholders groups to participate in the process of National Climate Change Strategy formulation.

The RES Foundation facilitates the compilation of inputs from local self-government and the private sector through focused discussion panels and calls for evidence designed for a broader group of participants. During this project, the RES Foundation partnered with the Standing Conference Of Towns and Municipalities and the Serbian Chamber Of Commerce.

The project communicates timely the inputs to the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment of Republic of Serbia which coordinates strategy formulation process. It therefore contributes to a more transparent and participatory drafting procedure.

The RES Foundation presented the initial findings at the kick-off conference called “Combating Climate Change: Serbia’s Readiness”. The Ministry Of Agriculture And Environment Of the Republic Of Serbia invited officially the RES Foundation and nominated it for membership in the Project Working Group for the development of the National Climate Strategy.