Air pollution

RES Foundation works to remove towns in Serbia and our region from the rankings of cities with the most polluted air in the world. This is not possible overnight. It has taken decades of negligence towards the quality of our air to get us here. It will take five to seven years of strategic, informed, evidence-based policy at all levels of government to clean up the air we breathe.

Our approach is best illustrated by our trademark – annual conference on how to win the Balkan air-pollution dodgeball. We recognise and integrate the interplay of decarbonisation and energy poverty as integral to addressing energy production and industrial air pollution on one hand, and air pollution from the residential sector, on the other.

RES Foundation collects, analyses and distributes knowledge of the air pollution issue with determination to ensure that solutions are appropriately elevated above and beyond existing patterns of short-term policy-making, sectoral shortsightedness and economic rationale insensitive to externalities.

Clean air is not at odds with economic development.