February 2022 – February 2023

Purpose of the project

The Women of Good Energy project aims to empower women employed in municipalities and cities in Serbia who deal with issues of energy or environmental protection. During the Project, it is planned to prepare proposals for gender-sensitive measures to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy poverty based on the examination of the energy needs of women employed in the public sector, as well as of energy-poor households in 4 selected cities (Kraljevo, Niš, Kragujevac and Užice).

Project description

Using knowledge and evidence, and with the support of women who are energy managers or in charge of environmental protection issues in the four selected cities, the Project will assess the needs of other women employed in the public sector, especially those who use public buildings slated for renovation (or who are recently renovated) in order to determine their needs and patterns of energy use, and differences compared to men, if any. Based on the differences established in this way, a package of gender-sensitive measures of public energy policies will be devised, i.e. these differences will be taken into account during further planning of measures to improve energy efficiency in public buildings.

In addition to including and working with women employed in public administration, the Project will also examine the needs of energy-poor households from the territories of the mentioned cities. Members of these households will have the opportunity, in addition to expressing their energy needs and habits, to receive specific advice on energy saving, as well as to express their needs in relation to potential subsidizing measures or improving their position.

The project will enable a wider exchange of knowledge and detected needs of the energy poor and women users of public buildings with other energy managers in Serbia through virtual seminars or peer exchange of experiences.

Activities and expected outcomes of the project:

  • Inclusion of about 80 women, users of public buildings, in field research, so that they would have the opportunity to express their needs and patterns of energy use and to participate in the design of energy efficiency measures that are based on their specific needs;
  • Organizing 4 workshops in 4 selected cities with users of public buildings in order to increase their awareness of energy needs and the inclusion of these needs in local energy planning in Serbia;
  • Examining the needs of about 60 energy-poor households (including single-member and/or predominantly female households) in order to adapt local energy poverty reduction measures to their specific needs. In addition, these households will directly receive answers and advice on possible energy savings;
  • Organization of online seminars aiming to involve female energy managers or women in charge of environmental issues from other cities and municipalities, and to enable them to receive direct professional knowledge, advice and information from their colleagues on possible gender-sensitive measures to improve energy efficiency or reduce energy poverty;
  • Organization of a national conference with about 25 women in charge of energy or environmental protection, in order to promote their work as well as the results of the Project.

Project has been funded by UN Women.

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