From February 2022, RES Foundation is implementing the “Women of Good Energy” project, which aims to empower women employed in municipalities and cities in Serbia who deal with issues of energy or environmental protection. The project was supported by the United Nations Agency for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Serbia (UN Women) within the project “Key steps towards gender equality, phase II”, financed by the European Union.

During October and November, a number of online educational events (webinars), for women employed in LGUs in Serbia dealing with energy efficiency issues, with the aim of building their capacities in the application of gender perspective in these areas, but and for the purpose of their mutual connection and networking for the exchange of experiences, information, providing support and examples of good practices and solutions in the implementation of local energy and environmental policy.

The series of webinars was organized through the zoom platform, and a total of about 100 women, representatives of LGUs from Serbia, participated in it. The webinar topics in Serbian language are given below: