In partnership with the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SCTM) and Belgrade Open School (BOS), in September 2016. the RES Foundation facilitated workshop entitled “In what climate local development thrives? Towards ambitious climate policy”.

The main aim was a timely initiation of stakeholder consultations for the process of Climate Change Strategy policy formulation. The workshop was intended for the local governments that are one of the main stakeholders in this process. Approximately twenty representatives of local governments actively participated in the workshop.

The Head of Climate Change Division of the Serbian Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, Ms. Danijela Bozanic addressed the workshop participants and presented the Ministry’s role in the process. She emphasized the importance of local government’s contribution to the development of Climate Change Strategy.

The workshop was based on three key topics related to climate strategy including energy management, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. The RES foundation team, namely Aleksandar Macura and Jasminka Young, together with SCTM and BOS team members, explained how this process directly influences local governments and clarified role and contribution of local governments to this process. The three panels discussed climate as a platform for the collection of inputs that will be used in the Climate Change Strategy making.

Foundation workshop “In what climate local development thrives? Towards ambitious climate policy”.

The workshop is part of the larger project entitled Monitoring of Climate Policy of Republic of Serbia, which RES Foundation implements in partnership with “Heinrich Böll” Foundation.