This brief is the third of four briefs prepared within the framework of project „Woody biomass: win-win or lose-lose? Energy, climate and air pollution effects of biomass to power projects in the context of selected Western Balkan countries.”

This policy platform is grounded in the recognition that the biomass for energy is a contentious but unavoidable policy issue in the Western Balkans. The most recent Joint Research Centre of the European Commission analysis shows that it is very difficult to achieve both carbon and biodiversity benefits by any type of forest conversion. The policymakers and scientists recognize that diverging values, worldviews, and ethical perceptions of natural resources and their management are a core part of the debate. Transparency is a key for the design of a context-specific strategy. Cooperation with policymakers and co-creation of useful results with all stakeholders should be welcomed. This policy platform is an early attempt in this direction.

The platform provides a clear and concise evidence and a non-exhaustive catalogue of needed activities that are essential to move on with the sustainable use of forest biomass for energy production in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Read the full policy brief: Policy Platform: For sustainable use of forest biomass for energy in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina