November 2018-September 2019

Network of Good Energy is an informal network of advanced, forward-looking (2030 horizon) local self-governments utilizing civil society organization’s capacities supported by private sector and development partners to deliver public goods in sustainable energy across Serbia, complementing, inspiring and monitoring efforts of the public administration. The objective of the project Network of good energy is to reduce the energy costs and emissions and combating energy poverty utilizing the EU2030 energy and climate framework and Sustainable Development Goal framework with the special focus on SDG 3, SDG 7 and SDG 13.

This support covers the following activities:

  • Preparation and production of electronic brochures
  • Preparation and organisation of 4 workshops on EU climate and energy policy
  • Organisation of the conference – Gender and EU Clean Energy package
  • Preparation and distribution of monthly reports
  • Preparation and sharing of video materials
  • Continuous management of the content of the website

Project Network of Good Energy is being implemented within the framework of the Civil Society and Media Support Program in the field of European Integration, which is being implemented within the project “Civil Society for the Advancement of Serbia’s Accession to the European Union”.