International Annual Conference on Energy Poverty took place on 19-20 September 2023 at the historic Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, Poland. Organised by the Energy Poverty Advisory Hub (EPAH) and the Directorate-General for Energy (DG ENER) of the European Commission in collaboration with the City of Warsaw and with the support of the Committee of the Regions and the Polish Network Energie-Cités (PNEC), this event promised to be a crucial gathering of local governments, policymakers, experts, and stakeholders dedicated to addressing energy poverty and fostering sustainable solutions at the local level.

Programme director of RES Foundation was invited to give his contribution within session “Collaborative approaches: How to form effective partnerships for energy poverty” with a presentation named “Energy poverty in the Western Balkans: How local governments can benefit of EU, national and local support?”.

The event aimed to address the transition from emergency coping mechanisms to sustainable policies and measures to reduce energy poverty for all including energy-poor and vulnerable consumers and debate on recommendations for member states and municipalities as appropriate frameworks to use in tackling energy poverty.

By bringing the 2023 Energy Poverty Advisory Hub international annual conference in Warsaw, the aim was to reflect on the transition from temporary emergency strategies to sustainable policies and initiatives with the objectives to:

  • Put the new reality of energy poverty on the agenda at all levels of governance.
  • Exchange between cities with different track records of tackling energy poverty.
  • Support cities to identify and adopt long-term policies to tackle energy poverty.
  • Reflect on possible EU recommendations for good practices to tackle energy poverty at the local and national levels.

Agenda of the conference