Citizens seem to be ready for more environmentally friendly development. According to the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) 73% of citizens in the South East Europe region believe that climate change is either a very serious problem (36%) or quite a serious problem (37%)22. On the other hand, citizens are frequently not engaged in environmental campaigns and have little trust in the stakeholders. Need better energy? Now you can directly invest in it.

There is some good energy in our societies. It must be networked to help build a good society that will in turn give us more good energy. Political parties, NGOs, youth organizations – the floor is yours.

Political parties, NGOs, youth organizations, but also you dear reader, are welcome to read the article written by Aleksandar Macura, founder of the RES Foundation in Energy for Tomorrow, an interesting analysis published by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in Belgrade. The energy is for tomorrow, but you may read the article immediately.