District heating provision in Serbia can be beneficial for all the interested parties. Investors and the owners of the companies which provide this service can make a sustainable profit. It can be provided to customers as a reliable, quality, cheap and accessible service.

The local government does not need to take care of the budget consequences of providing this service and also does not need to be in dare of technical or financial collapses of the public companies which provide this service, with possibly serious consequences for the population and local society.

The Serbian Government can make better plans and can better manage its assets in the energy sector not taking care of the consequences which can be arisen by the bad quality of the district heating in the rest of the energy system of Serbia and can benefit from the reduced trade deficit or increase value-added in the economy due to better using of the quality energy. Introducing projects of renewable sources in district heating systems, implemented in conjunction with the improvement of energy efficiency devices for use of firewood in households can contribute to the accomplishment of national goals in the area of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. Last but not least, all of the citizens of the Republic of Serbia can benefit from the improved quality of the environment and from reduced risk of climate change due to reducing GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emission, as well as to stop being unwilling co-financiers of the service of district heating of other people.

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