The Resident Coordinator of the United Nations in Serbia, the United Nations Group for Gender Equality, UNDP and UN Women organized an Open Door with representatives of civil society on the topic of women and climate change on June 27. It is a regular UN event whose purpose is to strengthen dialogue between the UN team in Serbia and women’s non-governmental organizations, experts and activists. The goal is to better understand the position of women, challenges and needs, as well as to improve the contribution of the UN to issues and topics that require a lot of attention and support.

The co-founders of RES Foundation, Jasminka Young and Aleksandar Macura, presented the “Women of Good Energy” project as an innovative initiative aimed at integrating the gender perspective into local energy efficiency and energy poverty policies. On that occasion, it was emphasized how important the connection of women, energy managers, from local communities and the contribution to the exchange of their knowledge and experiences are. RES Foundation research results through the project were presented, as well as the key recommendations that emerged through the project.

Agenda is available on this link.