June 2019-May 2020

The aim of the project was to assess the energy efficiency potential in public buildings across a number of localities in AP Vojvodina (45 municipalities). The Assessment of EE potential of public buildings in Vojvodina included the preparation of a comprehensive EE building inventory for 3262 public buildings from 45 municipalities.

Project aimed to support development of a long-term financial strategy that included an affordable and bankable strategic investment programme with a long-term perspective (20 years) according to best applicable technology, availability and replicability.

Activities included:

  • Review of public property;
  • Review the level of activity in public sector energy efficiency improvements in buildings;
  • Prepare a building stock database and estimate energy efficiency potential;
  • Prioritize investment requirements.

Outcomes of the project are:

  • Inception Report;
  • Data Capture Templates for energy baseline;
  • Interim report and Database;
  • Draft Final Report and Database;
  • Final Report.

Project is implemented with the support of EBRD Serbia.