September 2020 – April 2021

The aim of this Project is to develop a prioritized EE building renovation programme by reviewing the energy performance of the building stock and assessing necessary investment needs and potential benefits for residential buildings connected to the PUC “Toplana Bor” district heating system.

This will enable the preparation of two offers from the City and/or PUC “Toplana Bor” towards building associations, taking into account two energy renovation scenarios, should preparation of such offers be proven feasible. A possible offer will be based on the EPC (e.g. Public utility ESCO) approach under which the City and/or PUC would finance the energy efficiency measures and would receive repayment of the investment through monthly bills of consumers. 

Energy efficiency refurbishment of residential buildings in Bor envisages the following activities:

  1. Preparing an overview of selected buildings;
  2. Preparing review of energy performance of selected buildings and possible solutions for energy efficiency improvements;
  3. Calculating potential financial benefits;
  4. Investment planning;
  5. Assessing potential for carbon trading.