radio beograd1

Source: Radio Beograd 1

Author: Olivera Stajić

The economic and especially the energy crisis has created an atmosphere of uncertainty and anxiety ahead of the winter season, almost throughout Europe. It is expected that this could lead to unrest and demonstrations. This would inevitably affect political stability as many extreme groups could take advantage of this situation. The first signs of a change in the political picture of Europe are the victories of right-wing parties in the elections in Sweden and Italy. Why Europe came to this situation and what can be expected in the coming months are some of the questions we are looking for answers to.

The citizens of Serbia also face a serious problem. According to the latest data, around 200,000 households will have the status of an energy vulnerable customer this winter. Programme director of RES Foundation, Aleksandar Macura, spoke of what will they all face in the coming months and what would be the most useful measures to help that category of the population.

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